Shift your thinking from a “Why Me” to “For Me”

The Millennium Beat’s Podcast

Nov 5 2023 • 32 mins

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Show #TMBE-085

Title: Shift your thinking from a “Why Me” to “For Me”

Host: Kevin James. Guest: Stephany Ann

Record Date: September 18, 2023. Air Date: November 05, 2023


In this interview, Kevin James will talk with Stephany Ann. "Stephany is a dedicated advocate for survivors of narcissistic abuse and relationship trauma, specializing in helping others navigate their path to freedom. Her expertise lies in closing the door on past pain and opening new ones on her journey to healing and self-discovery. As a storyteller and conversationalist, she weaves the threads of healing, self-love, and worthiness into empowering narratives. With a touch of Empress energy and an adventurous spirit, Stephany invites you to join her transformative journey towards love and liberation."

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