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The fascinating, true stories and achievements of trailblazers and innovators who also happened to be lesbian, gay, bi, trans, gender-nonconforming or otherwise queer people. An at turns hilarious, touching and enlightening exploration of our shared humanity. read less


Bonus: Kickass or Nah?
Apr 22 2024
Bonus: Kickass or Nah?
We're trying something different this episode! With a little help from our friends Noah and the Comedatrix Ms. Grey, we're going down a surprise list of contemporary and controversial queer people and deciding on the fly if they are kickass, or... something else entirely!A few of the personalities we'll be covering: An occultist filmmaker who tried to off his leading lady on-screen;An academic even more controversial than Michel Foucault;A lesbian separatist with an enviable sexual history;A trans activist with a history of next-level personal vendettas;The 80s' most-irritating icon;And--most controversial of all--a journalist who once wrote something problematic.Learn More & Support the Show:(Spoilers - Come back to these after you listen to the episode!)Hollywood Babylon, Kenneth Anger's super trashy, mostly false Hollywood tell-all Films of Kenneth Anger V. 1 & V. 2 Highsmith's Ripley Novels Price of Salt Paglia's Provocations & Sexual Personae Jungle Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe of Us Strangers Smiths first album Nas X documentary & his Crocs because why not? Foster's lion story & singing in French Sontag: Essays of the 60s and 70s you love this episode, remember to show it by subscribing, rating, reviewing and sharing with your friends. Or, better yet, leave us a tip at | rachel@kickassqueers.comInstagram: @kickassqueerscastFacebook: This episode does contain some audio distortion on one track. We're super sorry, but such is the cost of including awesome guests!