Diversity: Rethink Church audiomagazine November 2022

Compass Podcast: Finding the spirituality in the day-to-day

Nov 30 2022 • 22 mins

Throughout November of 2022, our content focused on diversity and the season of Advent. We’ll hear: “The broken family of Black Panther” by Nathan Webb https://www.umc.org/en/content/the-broken-family-of-black-panther-wakanda-forever  “Why diversity in the church matters” by Madison Myers https://www.umc.org/en/content/why-diversity-in-the-church-matters  “Have we embraced diversity or tokenism?” by Joseph Yoo https://www.umc.org/en/content/have-we-embraced-diversity-or-tokenism  and “What is Advent about?” by Ryan Dunn  https://www.umc.org/en/content/what-is-advent-about