Finding the right music and audio identity for your podcast

Pod Almighty

Sep 16 2021 • 27 mins

Finding the right music for your podcast can be a nightmare. Firstly there is the complex legal situation to navigate, then you have to find the right style, and work out where to use it in your show.

And there's so much more to think about too.

We get asked all the time about music, bespoke music and imaging for podcasts so we have brought in a true expert in this field to join us.

In this month's Pod Almighty, James and Ellie chat to Rob Wills - music producer and owner of Loaded Production Music and 4udio, who make music and imaging for podcasters, radio and TV.

He gives some really insightful knowledge on the best use of music in podcasts, casts a light on the minefield of music licencing and answers those all-too-common questions like:

  • Do I need a licence for using music in my podcast?
  • What about 'fair use'?
  • What makes good music for my podcast?
  • Do sound effects and other noises in podcasts work?

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You can hear Rob Wills on KMFM drivetime weekdays and discover more about Branding Audio samples and Imaging Packages - 4udio and Loaded Production Music: Download albums and tracks now!