E23: Keith Yackey: The Marriage Saver

2000 Percent Raise

Feb 27 2023 • 36 mins

Keith Yackey joins the show for a frank and unflinching conversation about marriage, sex, and why becoming the most attractive version of yourself has nothing to do with pure vanity and everything to do with marriage sanity. In this episode listeners will learn about Keith’s story of going from a happily married and highly successful real estate entrepreneur to a divorced man who was no longer desired by his wife.

Keith shares how he made the transition from this rock bottom time in his life and realizations about what he changed in his lifestyle and outlook to get his wife back and start living their best lives. Keith shares why becoming the most attractive version of yourself for yourself is a key component of not only building self-confidence but also developing attraction and allure. In addition, Keith and John discuss the “Do unto others as they want done to themselves” principle and break down a new understanding of “T&A” for women translated as time and attention.

Keith Yackey is the Founder & CEO of Married Game & The Ascend Brotherhood; committed to helping married men learn how to get their wives to “want” to have sex with them again. Why? By getting back in the sheets with your wife, they can save more marriages, more families and get that attraction back in your life.

From being a pastor to dating porn stars, Keith has seen many walks of life and can relate to what really works in today's world to getting your wife attracted to you again. Keith has a deep passion for this one singular purpose of reigniting marriages again, he has created a life changing and groundbreaking process that has already saved hundreds of marriages and in this episode he breaks down the five basics of these revelations and techniques.

Topics Include:

  • Why Good Sex is Key to A Healthy Marriage

  • Why Money is Not The Answer to a Healthy Sex Life

  • Becoming The Most Attractive Version of Yourself

  • T&A Understood as Time and Attention

  • Why True Connection Improves Your Sex Life

  • Can Comparing Ourselves to Others Be Healthy?

  • Why Great Sex Is a Byproduct of Great Relationships

  • Understanding The Downfalls of “Taker Energy”

  • Parenting, Playing, Partnering, Power, and Provocateurs

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