E15: Michael McDermott: Beating Addiction as an International Music Entrepreneur

2000 Percent Raise

Jan 2 2023 • 36 mins

In this episode, singer-songwriter Michael McDermott, a music industry veteran with an international following, shares the ins and outs of the business and his staying power.

Michael, a heartland rocker who did not stop following his passion in exchange for a paycheck, continues to make music on his own terms.

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Topics discussed in this interview:

  • Michael’s story of heartbreak and arrested development, to his perseverance in building a career fortified by more than a dozen studio albums and critical acclaim from Rolling Stone, The New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post (and even author Stephen King).
  • His parents were very instrumental in his career.
  • Michael becoming “washed up” at age 24 after early success, and then a long period of “desert life”, destroying everything–and his feeling of being a fraud when his third album failed.
  • His drug problems and hsi nine years into recovery now.
  • His business strategy of owning everything, and marketing himself as an independent.
  • Pivotal moment when he learned his dad died broke, having covered for Michael. There was a resulting song, “Shadow in the Window,” about his grief and love for his father: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2IPPbpDLiM.
  • How Michael built his fan base, and the nuances of performing abroad, and his international award.
  • Dedication on why you do something, that he learned from his evolving friendship with Stephen King, who writes six hours every day.

“McDermott may well become one of his generation's greatest talents” - Washington Post

About Michael McDermott

Michael McDermott’s brand of rock n’ roll brims with the kind of well-honed style and wisdom that can only come from a career on the road and a pedigree in the studio. Effortlessly blending natural folk sensibility, pop hooks, and honest rock, McDermott’s music is as much for the outcast as the congregation. It’s an exploration of the dark corners of life’s journey and it resonates middle class truths through the passionate filter of a kid that grew up on Chicago’s Irish South Side.

If you are a fan of Springsteen, Van Morrison, John Steinbeck, Patti Smith then McDermott’s inspirational rock is in your wheelhouse, waiting late-night with a guitar, spare smokes and stories of the American heart.

“McDermott’s music helped me to find a part of myself that wasn’t lost, as I had feared, but only misplaced. That’s why we love the ones who are really good at it, I think: because they give us back ourselves, all dusted and shined up, and they do it with a smile…Michael McDermott is one of the best songwriters in the world and possibly the greatest undiscovered rock & roll talent of the last 20 years” -Stephen King

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