E9: Whitney Reynolds: Building an Award-Winning National TV Show from the Ground Up

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Nov 21 2022 • 36 mins

In this episode, Emmy-nominated and Telly Award-winning Whitney Reynolds talks about helping listeners “fall into hope,” which is her trademark that changed the dialogue for talk TV.

She shares from experience, after transforming her challenging childhood.

Host John Cerasani says the sincerity and wholeheartedness of Whitney’s candor “bleeds honesty.” He also commends her for unbiased, positive messaging that differentiates her from many others.

Topics covered in this interview:

  • Whitney’s “dynamic, inspirational connection with her audience,” which she attributes to knowing her gift at a young age.
  • The challenges and successes of owning The Whitney Reynolds Show, and being independent from the networks.
  • Her rise from being on TV at age 23, later growing her own show into 6 markets, and becoming nationally syndicated in 2021.
  • The “God wink” of hosting the public media awards on PBS, and bringing her “mission-based” show there, based on creating “a safe space.”
  • The differences of being on multiple platforms, from her show to other arenas like iHeartRadio.
  • Her commitment to being on TV for the long-term, and her spiritual practice to nurture her soul as she juggles many family and work obligations.
  • The significance of calling herself “Chief Inspirational Officer” at work and at home.

About Whitney Reynolds:

Whitney believes in more seats at the table, inspiration in the hard moments, and hope for all.

This mindset for unique programming originally bucked the trend when The Whitney Reynolds Show launched in 2012 on PBS. The show's inspirational mission developed from Whitney's firsthand experience with a challenging childhood. She had the gift to gab and combined that to create a program that flips the script–one that invites viewers to switch seats and feel seen for exactly where they are.

She is the Executive Producer, Host and the "Chief Inspo Officer" of the Telly Award-winning and Emmy-nominated Whitney Reynolds Show. Prior to launching her nationally syndicated program, she worked in news for NBC and went on to launch her first talk show on that network.

During college at Baylor University she interned for Good Morning America and fell in love with the national stage and its potential reach. When Whitney was just 25 years old she stepped into owning her own show and created Whitney Reynolds Media.

Not being owned by the network truly jump started her entrepreneurial journey. Whitney’s business mentor is Melissa Bernstein of Melissa & Doug who, like Whitney, also started her business in an extra space in her home, however it has since grown to a $500M company.

Whitney’s “safe space” mission however, doesn’t stop with her TV program. Since 2013 she has hosted a motivational “give back” segment on iHeartRadio and in 2021 launched a national iHeart Podcast, Pop and Positivity. She also authored Beyond The Interview and has a column in Cancer Wellness Magazine.

Over the years Whitney has helped bring in more than $2-million in fundraising for local and global charities through her media work. She currently sits on the Advisory Council for Dress For Success and is on the board for The Service Club of Chicago.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Whitney has learned how to combine southern charm with big city hustle. Her motto is: “If the door closes, find the darn window.” Whitney lives in Chicago, in the Roscoe Village neighborhood with her husband, Dave, and her twins, Marlowe and Acher, and their shih tzu, Sir Crouton. When she's not on camera, it's guaranteed you will still find her talking, she simply loves people and their stories.

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