Theatre Of Red

Shaun Connolly

The Theatre of Red podcast is a Manchester United supporter-based platform delivering exclusive content by the fans for the fans. Diving into the unique world of the Old Trafford outfit, Shaun Connolly delivers a weekly segment touching on fixtures, results, players and managers, coaches, and ownership, all while sticking to his core beliefs as a dedicated supporter of the world's biggest football club. Having spent many years submerged in the football world, Shaun has cultivated relationships with players - both current and ex-professionals, coaches, scouts, journalists and legendary supporters who have etched their names into the annals of this legendary Manchester team. He welcomes a different guest weekly to explore their take and share their unique experiences for all. In 2024, podcasting has become an expectation in society, with a host of commercial outlets seeking their momentary minute in the spotlight - shelling a barrage of generic content and largely expected material towards a collection of supporters who deserve much more. The Theatre of Red aims to abolish that boring narrative and visit the topics that matter - instead of glorifying a select group of 'social superstars' who regurgitate the same material weekly. Shaun and the team recognise Manchester United is a global family - with supporters across every continent. With that, the Theatre of Red aims to touch on every corner of the globe, allowing deserving supporters to deliver a message to the hundreds of thousands of like-minded reds from their region - because we know it's not always a 3 PM kickoff in every household. With years of audio experience from his time working in radio, Shaun has tailored a unique professional production for Theatre of Red, utilising exclusive audio tracks from two phenomenal bands included for your listening pleasure - with veteran sounds from Pretty Cartel and the up-and-coming majesty of the Jet Black Tulips - you can thank us later! We know podcasts are a dime a dozen, and you'll think there is nothing you haven't heard before. But, given a chance and an opportunity to share 30-60 minutes of your week, we are confident we can make your day more enjoyable and help build your enthusiasm for the next chapter in this proud club's history. If nothing else, you can get to know Shaun better, and he is more than happy to answer all of your questions - all you have to do is ask. Up the Reds! read less