The Academy with Dr. Derrick Hudson

Decolonize Everything

Sep 29 2020 • 30 mins

Should we get rid of the whole idea of tenure? How is the academy a tool of capitalism?

In this episode of Decolonize Everything Dr. Derrick Hudson joins Rebecca in the studio for a conversation about higher education and the institutionalization of learning, wisdom, and knowledge.

We had a blast starting the conversation about rethinking tenure, academic journals, and the framework of "publish or perish" that drives the modern higher education system. Colonization and capitalism have truly affected the way that we show up as students, teachers, and learners and so this episode helps us pull back the curtain on these often unseen forces at play.

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Note: Since recording this episode in July 2020 I have started my graduate program at Harvard and Derrick is working on the Center for Race, Culture, and Society and Colorado School of Mines. It was such a gift to pause during this moment and capture Derrick's perspectives during the COVID-19 pandemic and the shifting social fabric of our U.S. society.

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