Give Yourself Permission to Want More

Marriage, Money & Mayhem

May 27 2021 • 17 mins

If you had an abundance of time, energy, and money how would you and the people you care about benefit? As human beings, we’re designed to play it safe, and this episode is here to tell you what can happen when we leave that comfort zone, think bigger, and grow! It’s about giving yourself permission to want more, so you can DO more. So you can IMPACT more! Tune in to hear our host Kara talk about times she pushed herself out of her comfort zone from building businesses to family moves!

03:00 What limits am I putting on myself to stay small?

06:45 How wanting more and thinking bigger served us!

08:00 The mastermind that changed our lives.

10:15 What brought us to Phoenix?

14:00 Stop apologizing for wanting more!

16:00 Questions to ask yourself to see where you can grow!


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