How To Become A Better YOU with Justin Brien

Vertical Momentum Resiliency Podcast

Feb 14 2023 • 43 mins

TELLING MEN TO “ MAN UP” IS KILLING 600K MEN A YEAR! On This Episode Of Vertical Momentum Resiliency Podcast We Chat With Mental Health Advocate Justin Brien. To Listen To This Episode Say Alexa Or Google Assistant Play Vertical Momentum Podcast Or Click Here 💣 TOP KNOWLEDGE BOMBS 💣 -What role did addiction play in his life? - Did you know that alcohol is a depressant? - He went through hell Including medications,rehab,car wrecks. What was him come to Jesus moment? - What is your why? Finding it is a life changer. - Why do people gain weight AFTER they get sober? - How are your New Year’s resolutions going? - How to stay sober especially in early sobriety. - What happens when you get sober and still have MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES? - Why you need to get STRONGER physically,mentally and spiritually to live your best life ever. THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING!! Thank you to our sponsors… Vertical Momentum Resiliency Podcast Coffee THE BEST PREWORKOUT Coffee In The World Get Yours Here & Save 10% Really? Designs For Making The Best Swag In The World AND 💯 % Of The Profits Go To Help ProjectDiehard End Homelessness Click Here Now To Get In Touch With Justin To Come Speak At Your Event Click Here #recoveryispossible #resilience #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthmatters --- Support this podcast: