From Addiction To Recovery: A Story Of Hope And Healing With Ricky Johnson Jr.

Vertical Momentum Resiliency Podcast

Mar 17 2023 • 37 mins

What Are The Red Flags 🚩 Of Addiction? Depression? Anxiety? This Father Found His 18 Year Old Son Hanging In A Tree. To Find Of How He Is Trying To Save Lives Today Listen To Marine Ricky Johnsons Story Of Tragedy & Triumph As He Sits Down With Richard Kaufman On Todays Episode Of The Vertical Momentum Resiliency Podcast. To Listen/Watch On Your Favorite Platforms Click Here- Top Talking Points… - He Started Life REALLY Rough Both Parents Died From Substance Abuse, Had His First Drink At 5 And Then Was Violated By A Family Member. - What Are Signs Of Abuse In Children? - WHATS It Like Fathering A Child At 17 While Still Trying To Deal With Your Own Trauma? - Why Did He Join The Marines At 19? - What Was His Military Transition to Civilian Life Like? - How He Became A Meth Head. And 3X Convicted Felon & What Was His Come To Jesus Moment? - If You Have Kids You NEED TO Listen To This Episode. MY HOT TAKE… As A Recovering Addict And Alcoholic With Over 34 Years Clean And Sober I Believe Overcoming drug addiction and alcoholism is nothing short of a miracle. It requires immense courage, determination, and support from loved ones. The road to recovery is long and challenging, but with the right treatment and mindset, it's possible to break free from the cycle of addiction. Life in sobriety is a gift that should be cherished every day. To Follow And Join In My Recovery Journey Click Here - Thank You To Our Sponsors: Carrie Murray Beavers Of Soldier Girl Coffee Company For Making The Best Plant Based Infused Coffee. Thank You Team VMNation: Third Day Coffee Seguin Homaira Jahan Sonom Ginger N David William Maitre Robert N. Kerzee Kennedy Page Podc Ast Promote R Daniel Curry #recovery #recoveryispossible #traumasurvivor --- Support this podcast: