Act 81 - Exiles (2001) Issues #7 and #8

Simply Amazing!

Jun 21 2023 • 37 mins

Have you been wondering when the heck we are gonna read more about Nocturne? Guess what? We’re back with The Exiles!

Lisa and Lauren read Exiles (2001) #7 and #8, and all in perfect timing- because this new arc involves THE SKRULLS! Secret Invasion anyone? More like Direct Invasion! (When you read #8, you’ll get it!)

But what’s this about Nocturne and her sexualization in the comics? Is it similar to how her father Nightcrawler is sexualized in the comics? Will Lauren stop thirsting over her? Do we finally have couples to root for? and how did they get even ******** to show up??

This issue also highlights #7 as a “‘nuff said” issue, a comic issue telling a story with NO words. No dialogue, narration- nothing!

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