Season 5, E02 - "Legends" Series Left Coast Cellars

Wine Crush Podcast - OR

Feb 11 2022 • 1 hr 2 mins

Season 5 Episode 2 is the introduction to our new “Legends” Series of Wine Crush Podcast! This was our very first live audience recording with great questions and interactions from the audience. Let me introduce you to our first legends guests, Taylor Pfaff and Joe Wright of Left Coast Estate. With their beautiful wines, farm to fork foods to grace their tasting room, farming practices, Old Savanna Restoration project, and the holistic approach to their vineyards and property, they are true legends to us! Located in the Rickreal area of the Van Duzer Corridor, Left Coast is graced by Ocean Breezes that helps their vineyard produce unique and interesting fruit, which in turn helps to create phenomenal wines! Taylor and Joe bring us the history, ecological ideologies, and the marvelous wines of Left Coast! Left Coast Estate ( Willamette Valley- Van Duzer AVA) (