Season 5, E01 - Parra Wine Co & Sun Break Wine & Cider

Wine Crush Podcast - OR

Feb 3 2022 • 1 hr 11 mins

Season 5 of Wine Crush Podcast starts now!  We are welcoming in two amazing producers of wine and cider from Oregon’s Willamette Valley to the podcast, Sam Parra with Parra Wine Co and David Patte of Sun Break Wine and Cider. First up was David with Sun Break!  The road from childhood experience in France to a chance job out west has shaped Sun Breaks Wine and Cider styles. David explains these influences and what makes his wine and cider different from other producers.  Next up is Sam Parra with Parra Wine Co.  His roots in the wine industry stem back to the beginning of Napa Valley and his grandfathers work in the vineyard.  His wines are really standing out in the valley and his future looks like its full of great wine! Sun Break Wine and Cider ( Willamette Valley) ( Parra Wine Co ( Willamette Valley) ( Food Partner Fellowship of the Grill (