Deep Sleep Sounds

Deep Sleep Sounds

Sleep, relax, and unwind with our original sleepy soundscapes. Featuring nature soundscapes, binaural sleep music, and calming white noise. Become a premium member for access to 8-hour episodes and ad-free listening. Start your 7-day free trial now: read less

Our Editor's Take

Deep Sleep Sounds is a podcast that invites listeners into a relaxing sonic environment. Episodes are 2 hour recordings of a variety of calm sounds and music to soothe the mind. Listeners can release stress to the sound of ocean waves or the pitter-patter of rain on a river. Fire crackles and white-water rapids seem to rush by. Crickets and birds sing soothing songs. These gentle sounds soothe the experience of troubled sleepers.

The variety of sounds in this sleep-supporting podcast series is enough to satisfy almost anyone. Choose between nature sounds, white noise, peaceful melodic soft piano, bedtime stories, and more. Deep Sleep Sounds is appropriate for people of all ages, from infants to seniors, and it can even help pets relax. The soundscapes feature professional recordings crafted to encourage better sleep. Listeners will appreciate seamless loops, crossfades between tracks, and gentle fade-outs. Episodes may also help relax people with anxiety, tinnitus, sleep disorders, grief, and PTSD. It's meant to help listeners create an environment supporting a good night's sleep.

All podcast episodes give the listener time to enter peaceful sleep, like a lullaby. Most audiences may not pass the half-hour mark before falling fast asleep. The “Box Fan by the Beach” episode lulls listeners off to sleep like a baby sea turtle nestled under the sand. The soothing music in “Pink Noise Sleep Drone” sends listeners off into a dreamland-like soundscape. Another fan favorite is “Self-Love Affirmations for Sleep.” It provides a magnificent ambiance to unwind from a day of work. Many find these sleep sound podcasts far better than any sound machine out there.

Millions of listeners enjoy this peaceful journey of calming content. Deep Sleep Sounds could easily become anyone's favorite mind-clearing, sleep-supporting podcast.

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