The 4 Cardinal Virtues and how they apply to Energy Management

Better Building Systems

Feb 20 2023 • 58 mins

Welcome back to the Better Building Systems podcast with the Building Hotrodders. In this episode we discuss The 4 Cardinal Virtues and how they apply to Energy Management. The cardinal virtues are four virtues of mind and character in both classical philosophy and Christian theology. They are prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance which form a virtue theory of ethics. The 4 Cardinal Virtues can be defined as:

a. Prudence – discerning the appropriate course of action.

b. Temperance – restraint and self control

c. Justice – fairness

d. Fortitude – courage and perseverance

How do these fit into our industry you may ask? Well that is what the Building Hotrodders discuss throughout the podcast. This was a very thought provoking discussion and we feel there are so many examples to discuss. We hope you join the Building Hotrodders to reflect on these Cardinal Virtues and feel the examples we provide are fitting to the industry and life we live. For more information on us check out our webpages: