Why Isn't Conservation A Pillar In The Green Agenda?

Better Building Systems

Jan 18 2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

Welcome back to the Better Building Systems podcast. In todays episode the Building Hotrodders Clay, Nick, and Mark take a dive into the "green agenda" and provide our opinions on what we believe is currently the most important aspect of the green agenda and why we feel energy and resource conservation should be at the top. Throughout the episode, the Building Hotrodders discuss various examples outlining why conservation should be the forefront in the green agenda as well as provide some thought provoking questions surrounding conservation, green energy, and our culture as Americans. Our discussion ranges from a light left on in the house to heat recovery on large scale manufacturing processes. We often refer to the top of the green agenda as renewable electricity production but without conservation, renewable energy and a clean grid have an uphill battle to success. Tune in to hear our thoughts! For more information on us check out our webpages: