Black People Die By Suicide Too Podcast

T-Kea Blackman and Jordan Scott

Black People Die By Suicide Too Podcast  (formerly Fireflies Unite Podcast with Kea) is hosted by T-Kea Blackman and Jordan Scott. Their mission is simple; normalize the conversation about suicide in the black community, provide hope and resources. Podcast launches on May 24, 2023. New episodes are available bi-weekly on Wednesdays.

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If you are in a mental health crisis, dial "988."

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Welcome To The Black People Die By Suicide Too Podcast!
May 24 2023
Welcome To The Black People Die By Suicide Too Podcast!
"Black Mental Illness and Suicide: Dismantling the Stigma"SUMMARY Jordan and T-Kea, the co-hosts of the podcast Black People Die by Suicide, discuss why they decided to start the podcast and the mission of the newly formed organization, the Mental Health Empowerment Agency. They then do a check-in to see how each other is doing. They discuss the importance of incorporating healthier habits into one's lifestyle, as well as suicide in the black community. Emphasizing that suicide is not just a ‘white person’s problem’, and the passing of Stephen Twitch from the Ellen DeGeneres Show in December 2020 brings the issue to the forefront of conversation amongst the black community. Bringing to light the importance of recognizing the issue of suicide and the need to address it, and the need to create a safe environment for those struggling with mental health issues. They also discuss the need to destigmatize mental health within the black community and provide resources for those who are in need.Moment of Inspiration (The Light ): If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African ProverbStart thinking about creating a support network, even by listening to this podcast. A support network can provide you with a safe space to talk about your feelings and find others who are recovery minded. We’ll talk more about the kinds of support available out there in later episodes. Stay tuned to learn more!Thank you for listening and if you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, please dial 988.
Healing From Sexual Abuse Featuring Lakitia Woodard
Sep 21 2020
Healing From Sexual Abuse Featuring Lakitia Woodard
On today's episode, Lakitia shares how she healed from sexual trauma and how it has pushed her into purpose.LaKitia Woodard is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, International Author, and Sexual Abuse Survivor empowering  women  to transform their life by embracing their difference. On her journey to purpose, she found herself always sharing her testimony of surviving sexual abuse to motivate and inspire women to take action like: ask for a raise, overcome self doubt, rebuild relationships, change careers, create a healthy lifestyle, and more. As a result, she unmasked the ugly truth behind most problems inhibiting women from advocating for themselves and owning their power: a lack of self-awareness. To provide a solution to this problem, LaKitia launched her consulting firm specializing in self-awareness, A Sister’s Truth, LLC, that provides life coaching services to women. Connect with Lakitia:InstagramFacebookFacebook Living Her Truth PodcastTwitterLinkedInYouTubeLakitia's WebsitePodcast Website2020 Planning Session WorkshopOnline Therapy With BetterhelpTake an assessment and get matched with a therapist, click here.Online therapy via video, phone, chat and audio with a licensed therapist at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapyGet 10% off your first month just for being a supporter of this podcastWhere to find Kea on social media and join the mental health conversation?Follow the company on Instagram @firefliesunitemediaTwitterInstagramFacebookSend all podcast inquiries to