Malcolm X Reloaded

Abdul Muhammad

Who Really Assassinated Malcolm X?

This podcast Answers These Questions and More...

What was the real relationship between Malcolm X & Elijah Muhammad?

Was Elijah Muhammad jealous of Malcolm X?

Did Malcolm X really change after he went to Mecca in 1964?

Was Malcolm X a threat to Elijah and the Nation of Islam?

What were the accomplishments of Malcolm X?

What was the real reason Malcolm X left the Nation of Islam?

Was Elijah Muhammad involved in the assassination of Malcolm X?

What role did the government play in the assassination of Malcolm X?

Was Elijah Muhammad a hypocrite against his own teachings.

Did the Government & NOI work together to murder Malcolm X?

Were Malcolm's own people involved in his murder?

What were the actual facts of the assassination?

Get the Answers - Get the Facts!!! And Much Much More..

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