S1E12 - Case H-57

Jar of Rebuke

Feb 15 2021 • 8 mins

Our first interlude minisode in between seasons 1 and 2 of Jar of Rebuke. This minisode takes us to the other side of the examinations. A further peak into The Enclosure, and a side of the therapists that Jared is unaware of. Things aren't always as they seem- sometimes, they're worse.

Written and produced by Casper Oliver (they/them) Intro is read by Vanessa Rosengrant (she/her) Mr. Liam Zimmer is played by Pixel Smith (she/they) Dr. Angela Daman is played by Miche Arts/Terra Ward (he/him) Credits read by Ashlee Craft (they/them), who also makes the podcast graphics. Episode edited by Chelsea Finley (they/the) Assistant writer for this episode was Jenny O’Sullivan (she/they) Music by TheMenniss (they/them) https://themenniss.bandcamp.com

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