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Welcome to the single-cell world podcast! I am Cátia Moutinho.Here, we disentangle single-cell technology. Each Monday, I will share with you my knowledge, tips, advice, and experiences concerning single-cell research and technology. It doesn’t matter what level of expertise you have in this field. If you are a scientist, this podcast is for you!Listen and learn about this new technology. read less


Ep. 25: Illumina NGS and Single-Cell Experiments
Jul 31 2023
Ep. 25: Illumina NGS and Single-Cell Experiments
Hi there!Dive into our most recent audio episode as we discuss Illumina Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology with our distinguished guest, Sophie Wehrkamp-Richter, product manager at the company. Immerse yourself in our vibrant debate about the critical role of DNA sequencing in single-cell research. Furthermore, we investigate critical aspects to consider when planning a single-cell experiment.Listen now and feed your curiosity!Useful Links:Single-Cell Illumina ebook and application notes Joint single- cell company: With 10x Genomics (BioLegend Cell hashing antibodies /10x Chromium libraries) Mobidrop (China-based company) Honeycomb Singleron Wehrkamp-Richter Contact LinkedInE-mailSupport this podcastThanks for listening!Cátia