Episode 58 - Shamble On

Rated RPG Podcast

Nov 2 2021 • 1 hr 25 mins

The Gorgeous Phoenix Brigade is trying to save Elturel from eternal damnation, but to do that they need soul coins to power their infernal dune buggy and murdercycle. They can get soul coins if they free a Dao from her contract with Zariel, but to do that, they need to ask someone named Red Ruth how to do it. To find Red Ruth, they need to look within a maze-like murder forest... And so that's where they find themselves in this episode. One more episode of the podcast before our next livestream on Saturday, November 13th at 5pm Central. twitch.tv/gamesocietypimps If you'd like to become a financial supporter of Rated RPG, we would sincerely appreciate it! We've made tech/set improvements to the show, and are looking to make more. patreon.com/ratedrpg