Life Behind the Highlight Real

Sarah Huffman, William Huffman, & Jorie Schaaf

Welcome to “Life Behind the Highlight Real”. The podcast that takes things beyond the curated life we all see online.Join hosts Sarah & William Huffman as they dive in with their friends to talk about the good and the hard things that come with a real (not perfect) life behind the highlight reel. Tune each week for more in-depth conversations about life behind the highlight reel. Follow us on your favorite podcast platform to make sure you never miss an episode.

Ep 29: From Breaking Coffee Tables to the NICU with Sara Schaber FittererEp 28: Jorie's Mom, Jamie Walker, Opens Up About Teen Pregnancy, Changing Healthcare for All, and Her Love for Sonic Chili Cheese Dogs!Ep 27: Finding Your Why to Create a Life of Purpose with Jona Flores
Our very own NAR 30 under 30 recipient, Jona Flores, is a leader, a professional and overall an amazing human! She has connected to her "Why" and that is the rocket  fuel she needs for a long and successful career. In this recording of our previous Meeting of the Minds session, Jona will share how she got to where she is, the steps she took to discover her "Why", and how it influences her business and personal life to allow a life lived with purpose, passion, and professionalism.You'll walk away from this episode with tangible action items you can use to find your "Why" and propel you into your purpose with passion.Magical Quotes:“I am a firm believer of giving when you can’t. Because if you can put forth the action to volunteer, even if you don’t have the money, it’s something that is instilled in you.”“I was really passionate in business, I just understood it. I knew my passion was problem solving and it always has been. And that’s what real estate is. Figuring it out… A lot of it is solutions. Identifying the problem and finding the solutions.” “It was one of those pivotal parts in my journey for finding my "Why". Because back then, home was a place I did not feel safe in. Home was a place I never experienced Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving… My definition of home was shelter. Shelter so I could get dressed and leave to go do fun things with friends… Now it is different, obviously. It really taught me how to define what home is. Being able to build my own [home] now, and understanding that it really is the staple, the foundation of a good life.”  "[Self-care books] keep you mindful, it keeps you aware. In situations where we’re managing emotions for people, it’s really easy to forget the place they are coming from.""You want to meet your client where they're at. A lot of times people want to have them come to you. That's not customer service. Customer service is meeting your client where you need to be at."
May 3 2022
52 mins
Ep 26: Life Behind the Highlight Reel Q1 RecapEp 25: Cinde Vadnais On Why Mindset Matters...Because 5 AM Workouts SuckEp 24 Dustin Underwood (Part 2)23: Dustin Underwood (Part 1)
Dustin Underwood is a past client and now friend who has a story of overcoming seemingly impossible odds. Dustin grew up surrounded by alcohol and drugs in Bloomington. After being expelled from school, legal problems started to build with an eventual jail sentence before the age of 18. After 18 his drug and theft problems continued, eventually leading to more jail time between the ages of 19 and 21. Finally, a third felony sent him to prison. A year later, after scoring in the top 20% of the nation on the GED, he started getting his life together. The stress of life and a bad economy in 2007 sent him spiraling back into addiction, which sent him back to prison. Out of prison his problems continued.Until December 5th, 2011. A day that may have sent him to prison for 10 years. Until what he read in the Bible was a forecast to what happened next. This is part 1 of an amazing story. Magical Quotes"Okay, I was in and out. I do 30 days, and then I'd get out. And then I do 60 days, then I get out. Then they'd violate me because I was still using and I'd go to another 30 days, you know, so it was in and out, in and out, in and out. All at the same jail.""So I was in this alone. 100% alone, and really had to put my big boy pants on. Because now I'm in a situation where, obviously you're with convicted murderers.""So I hadn't been in any type of schooling or anything like that. And so I'm like, Oh, I'm gonna try for my GED while I'm here, too. Well, I didn't even study. And I passed in the top 20% of the nation."
Apr 4 2022
1 hr 2 mins
22: Golden Retriever vs. Lab? At Helping Paws, They're Both Winners!
Golden Retriever vs. Lab? At Helping Paws, They're Both Winners!In this episode, we are joined by Amanda, Brenda, and Lynn; 3 amazing individuals who work together at Helping Paws to uniquely create new opportunities to achieve their goal of  furthering their impact and getting more people involved  by growing their community on social media! Helping Paws is a non-profit organization located in Hopkins, Minnesota.  They are dedicated to the breeding, training and placement of assistance dogs for people who have physical disabilities and for Veterans and first responders who have PTSD.  They also provide facility dogs that are partnered with a facilitator working in a care giving, educational or courtroom setting.  Fun fact: Early experiences showed that for successful service dog training, we needed to start with PUPPIES to begin shaping behaviors early in each dog’s life! The first dog to complete such training and be placed was Alpha, a Golden Retriever who went on to serve his partner for many years.The human and animal bond is the foundation of Helping Paws, and they celebrate the mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between them each day! At any given time, they have 50-70 dogs in training. Talk about AMAZING!Connect with Helping Paws Facebook: @helpingpawsmn Instagram: @helpingpawsmn LinkedIn: Helping Paws, Inc. Twitter: @helpingpawsmn YouTube: HelpingPawsMNConnect with BrendaFacebook: Brenda HawleyInstagram: @bkhawleyLinkedIn: Brenda HawleyEmail: bhawley@helpingpaws.orgConnect with Amanda Kubousek  Facebook: Amanda KubousekInstagram: @akubousek LinkedIn: Amanda KubousekConnect with LynnFacebook: Lynn WalkerInstagram: @slwalker67Twitter: @sportsmominMNLinkedIn: Lynn Walker Donate to Helping Pawshttps://helpingpaws.org/donate/Volunteer at Helping Pawshttps://helpingpaws.org/volunteer/
Mar 22 2022
49 mins
21: Launching, Bus Schedules, and Lobotomies with Jill Morrison20: Redefining Friendly Competition w/ Kara Werth and Bethany Nelson
Redefining Friendly Competition with Kara Werth and Bethany NelsonWe often interpret competition as a rivalry that breeds enmity amongst competing groups. Well, that’s not always the case. Today, we are honored to have our friends, Kara Werth and Bethany Nelson, who also double as our competitors in the real estate world. Bethany has a degree in Public Relations from Belmont University, became a licensed realtor in 2010, and now owns investment property. Kara graduated from high school, immediately dove into real estate, and became a realtor at 18. We met Kara and Bethany at a Rachel Hollis Conference and built a friendship laid on a great foundation. Ever since, our friendships have evolved and successfully seen us through hard times together despite us being competitors. We're all growth-minded, we support one another, learn from each other, and have helped each other pivot our businesses into abundance. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!Key Talking Points of the Episode:Bethany’s backstoryKara’s BackstoryWhere Kara sees herself in 5 yearsWhere Bethany sees herself in 5 yearsDream vacationsOur friendship journeyThe Health shift journeyThe Oura RingWhy it works being friends with people at other companiesKara and Bethany’s favorite restaurantsMagical Quotes ‘’Real estate can be very lonely at times, and you have to find people you can trust to share that with.''"Making better choices makes you feel in control.""The outer journey of working on yourself in terms of what you put in your body determines your inner journey.""We often seek validation to feel decent about our decision."“No one is unrecruitable. It’s all about where you feel most at home.”“If you want to learn and grow, surround yourself with people who are better than you.”Connect with Kara Werth:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karakrausInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/karawerthLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kara-werth-9ba13424Connect with Bethany Nelson:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bethany.nelsonInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/bethanylnelsonLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bethanylnelsonResources Mentioned in the Episode:The Oura Ring: https://ouraring.com/
Mar 14 2022
1 hr 4 mins
19: Chasing your dreams in a pandemic w/ Ava Beilke
Chasing Your Dreams in a Pandemic with Ava BeilkeHave you ever thought about quitting your job during the pandemic to chase your dreams? It might sound scary but that’s exactly what today’s guest, Ava Beilke did!Ava is a Social Media Coach, self-love advocate, speaker, and writer dedicated to helping people live a better life through a guided realization that unconditional self-love is the foundation of all pursuits, including marketing themselves.Ava quit her corporate job of 10 years to become an entrepreneur in 2020 - amidst the Covid pandemic. What seemed like a perfect plan ended up triggering a 1/3 life crisis. Thankfully, 2022 seems to be a better year for Ava and she’s going to share with us what happened along the way. Also in this episode, Ava will take us through her childhood, experience as a beauty pageant contestant, her job in the corporate world, how she became an entrepreneur full-time, and her traveling adventures.We hope you enjoy this amazing episode!Key Talking Points of the Episode:Getting to know AvaAva’s experience as a beauty pageant contestantAva’s first job as a social media managerHow 2020 changed Ava’s career as a social media directorThe launch of Ava’s social media coachingAva’s coping mechanism in 2021 when she was trying to figure out her purposeHow Ava is fairing in 2022Ava’s goals for the year 2022How Ava picks where she to travel toHow did Ava keep going during her hard days?Ava’s top 5 restaurantsMagical Quotes from the Episode:“Sometimes you explore what you don’t want, in addition to what you do want which is interesting.”“I wasn’t anticipating the loss or the shedding of an identity that I associated with for a decade. That’s something that no one could have prepared me for.”“February for me kind of feels like more of the new year because it’s my birthday. But then also spring because we look at the cycles of nature. That is when there is newness, that is when there’s rebirth. That is when people are reemerging.”“You’re willing to give your own business everything you have. But at the same time, it’s not your entire life.”“Success is not monetary. It’s not the awards. Success is the feeling that I hold in my heart.”Connect with Ava Beilke:Website: https://www.avabeilke.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ava-Beilke-102085994654067Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avabeilke/Resources Mentioned in the Episode:Everything is figureoutable – Maria Forleo
Mar 7 2022
55 mins
18: Do NOT listen to this while driving! w/ Vanessa Rose
DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS WHILE DRIVING!Have you heard about the power of meditation, but you have no idea what it involves? This episode is for you. We have the amazing Vanessa Rose joining us on the show. She will help us understand the power of manifestation, our programming and how it works, how her ACTV8 program works, and get to learn more about her childhood.Vanessa Rose is a healer from another planet who has been put on this Earth to help us step into our power and purpose. She is the creator of Meditate, V’s Online Membership Program, a first-of-its-kind monthly subscription. Vanessa helps people stay committed to their spiritual practices through live, weekly guided meditations. Her flagship eight-week course, ACTV8, aligns people to their soul purpose, allowing them to hone their gifts and get their talents launched into the world. Vanessa was an early adopter of the MindTravel “silent” headphone system, incorporating Murray Hilary’s piano compositions and healing binaural beats in her meditations to fast track participants into a space where they can design their life from a pure state of bliss.Want to hear more? Listen to this episode.Key Talking Points of the Episode:Getting to know Vanessa and her childhoodVanessa’s first job and how she transitioned to entrepreneurshipUnderstanding our programming and how it worksVanessa’s ACTV8 programVanessa’s top 5 restaurantsMagical Quotes from the Episode:“I’m of the mindset that just because I don’t understand something doesn’t mean I don’t agree with it.”“Running a business and holding the space for others to thrive in that container, you have to be able to hold the frequency of success.”“Nothing’s right or wrong. That’s just the belief that gets planted on us so that we then can be controlled.”“People who are drawn to ACTV8 are ready to launch.”“The beauty of the human spirit is that there is preconditioning. ““When we think about noticing where we lose track of time, that’s where we get into that true space of time, which is abundant, it’s expansive, and it’s infinite.”“We really have to let go if we want oneness and we want to really show up and be in this beauty. We have to let go of those identities that we want to put on everything.”Connect with Vanessa Rose:Website: https://vanessafeils.com/ Vanessa’s ACTV8 program: https://vanessafeils.com/actv8/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vanessafeils/ Join Vanessa’s Meditation MembershipMembership: https://vanessafeils.com/meditation-membership/
Feb 28 2022
59 mins
17: Getting to know RE/MAX Results CEO, Brenda Tushaus!
Feb 21 2022
40 mins
16: Interning During the Pandemic with Evie Harrington15: Do You Have a Mattress in the Back of Your Truck? w/ Natalie Pillsbury
If you had a famous parent, would you use them as a stepping stone to get to where you want to go? In this episode, we have the privilege of talking to Natalie Pillsbury. Natalie’s dad is a famous musician who has connections all over, but Natalie decided to work hard and create success on her own merits.Natalie went to school for dental assisting and worked in a cosmetic office where she went through a customer service training course at Ritz Carlton. As a result, her customer service skills are top-notch! When Covid hit, Natalie decided to take her sales and exceptional customer service skills to the real estate world and it’s been no surprise to see the great feedback from her clients after every transaction.Get to know Natalie better and hear how she’s finding success and what her real estate journey has been like so far. Are you ready for a motivating episode? Listen in.Key Talking Points of the Episode:Natalie’s backgroundWhat brought Natalie to real estate?What does Natalie see in her future?Something that we might not know about NatalieNatalie’s top 5 restaurantsMagical Quotes from the Episode:“Being independent in this business you have to be built differently. You have to want to have the I don’t want to say solitude, but that’s kind of what it is. Real estate can be a very lonely business.”“If the person is whole; the profit will just happen.”“By taking care of the whole person. There’s so much more to gain.”“Be true to yourself and live the best version of yourself, should be said all the time, because maybe you’re not ready to hear today. But maybe tomorrow or the next day you are.”
Feb 7 2022
36 mins
14: Becoming who you choose to be with Melissa DeLay
Would you like to take your confidence a notch higher? This episode is for you. Melissa DeLay will be sharing amazing nuggets of wisdom that we can all benefit from.Melissa DeLay is the founder and principal owner of TruPerception. She has more than two decades of experience helping executives, managers, salespeople, and customer-facing professionals gain the skills they need to communicate with confidence, regardless of the situation. With years of strategic and corporate communication experience, Melissa knows how to deliver the right words in the right way to drive change, manage crises, boost engagement, and build a stronger brand.Melissa believes that there will always be a crisis in the communication world, and the best thing to do is to be prepared. In this episode, Melissa will share her backstory, her goals for the next five years, and tips on how to communicate better.Grab a notebook and pen. You'll want to take notes.Key Talking Points of the Episode:Getting to know MelissaHow Melissa almost got firedMelissa's life as a momWhere does Melissa see herself in the next five years?Melissa's top 5 restaurantsMagical Quotes from the Episode:"A lot of CEOs don't know what they're doing. They don't know what they're doing, especially when it comes to communication. They don't connect their missteps to the consequences of business failure.""When you talk about self-esteem, you have to have the plan before something hits you. Otherwise, you're just going to default.""Sometimes people will do something. If they're not self-aware, they'll just keep doing it.""Something bad is always happening. You don't know it because you're not paying attention, and you want to believe that everything is good.""The average leader relies on their Get Out of Jail Free card 80 to 90% of the time.""The biggest reason I think that we are in the trouble that we're in as a society is because there is you can't see the pain in the other person's eyes when you're commenting online."Connect with Melissa DeLay:LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/melissadelayWebsite: truperception.com
Jan 31 2022
52 mins
13: Shift Your Health; Change Your Life w/ Kristin Rowell
Today, our guest is Kristin Rowell and she's going to share some value bombs that will leave us in a better place when it comes to our bodies and our health.Kristin Rowell is the Founder and CEO of Energetically Efficient™. As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, she helps people lose weight while gaining muscle and energy so they can live happier, more fulfilled lives. There is a lot of information around nutrition and sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the information out there. Kristin will help us understand what's essential and why it's important to educate ourselves for better health and a better life.Are you ready to take better care of your body? You'll want to hear this episode. Be sure to grab a notebook and a pen. Kristen has a lot of value to give.Key Talking Points of the Episode:Getting to know KristenKristin’s career pathHow Kristin met SarahWhat does Kristin do as a functional nutrition therapist?How to block blue light on your iPhoneIntermittent fastingFats and proteins, which one fills you up and which one sustains you?How can you get proteins from non-meat sources?How to consume Kristin’s content without having to pay herKristin’s top five favorite restaurantsKristen’s talk at our February 1st event for Meeting of the MindsClick here to register for the event!Magical Quotes from the Episode:“I think it is your responsibility as a person on this earth to figure out how to make your life easier. If you can’t figure it out, you got to hire someone who can help you do it. So that you can really show up for your spouse, your kids, your partners, your colleagues, all of it.”“The way they label things nowadays, to get you to believe what you’re putting in your body is good for you and your family. You have to be very discerning about this stuff.”“Stay ahead of your blood sugar, eat the protein in the fats before you really are starving, because most people wait until their blood sugar crashes then they eat the first thing around.”“People don’t realize that body fat that we have on us is a source of fuel, your body can go on its own fat. The reason that most people don’t ever let themselves get there is because they’re running on this carbohydrate fueled system all day.”Connect with Kristin Rowell:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mngoldengirl/Website: https://energeticallyefficient.com/
Jan 24 2022
52 mins
12: Does Hard Work Pay Off? w/ Leah Senescall11: "Get Your Own Hut" w/ Jake & Kayla Bjorneberg10: Life and Business as a Mom with Kara Zahasky
What were you doing at the age of 21? Having fun & going out with friends? Partying? That’s a road that most of us took but Kara chose a different route. Even at a young age, Kara was excited to be an adult and start having babies. As soon as she hit 18, she moved out and got married. By the time she was 19, she had her first child. During her early 20s, Kara and her husband Nick had a total of 4 children. Kara believes her “why” - what drives her to succeed - is being a great mother to her children and supporting her family in whatever way she can. When Kara became a licensed realtor, she started out strong with a couple of closed deals within the first few months of her career. In this episode, Kara will share her journey through motherhood, the businesses she has had, and her journey to finding early success in real estate.Listen to this inspiring episode.Key Talking Points of the Episode:Who is Kara?What keeps Kara going?How Sarah and Kara metKara’s real estate curiosityKara’s goals for the next five yearsThe epic way Kara left Kate SpadeKara’s top five restaurantsMagical Quotes from the Episode:“Life is all the little moments. It’s every second, every minute. Every hour. It’s not just big things.”“I’ve always been given a challenge. Like I was always given the department that was falling apart, or I was always given this role nobody wanted or could do. I was used to that. But it was time for that to be over. I wanted to start a challenge that was for myself.”
Jan 3 2022
51 mins