Ep 27: Finding Your Why to Create a Life of Purpose with Jona Flores

Life Behind the Highlight Real

May 3 2022 • 52 mins

Our very own NAR 30 under 30 recipient, Jona Flores, is a leader, a professional and overall an amazing human! She has connected to her "Why" and that is the rocket  fuel she needs for a long and successful career.

In this recording of our previous Meeting of the Minds session, Jona will share how she got to where she is, the steps she took to discover her "Why", and how it influences her business and personal life to allow a life lived with purpose, passion, and professionalism.

You'll walk away from this episode with tangible action items you can use to find your "Why" and propel you into your purpose with passion.

Magical Quotes:
“I am a firm believer of giving when you can’t. Because if you can put forth the action to volunteer, even if you don’t have the money, it’s something that is instilled in you.”

“I was really passionate in business, I just understood it. I knew my passion was problem solving and it always has been. And that’s what real estate is. Figuring it out… A lot of it is solutions. Identifying the problem and finding the solutions.”

“It was one of those pivotal parts in my journey for finding my "Why". Because back then, home was a place I did not feel safe in. Home was a place I never experienced Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving… My definition of home was shelter. Shelter so I could get dressed and leave to go do fun things with friends… Now it is different, obviously. It really taught me how to define what home is. Being able to build my own [home] now, and understanding that it really is the staple, the foundation of a good life.”

"[Self-care books] keep you mindful, it keeps you aware. In situations where we’re managing emotions for people, it’s really easy to forget the place they are coming from."

"You want to meet your client where they're at. A lot of times people want to have them come to you. That's not customer service. Customer service is meeting your client where you need to be at."