Akasha Tea Chat: Journeying into Gratitude with Tina Nance


Nov 16 2023 • 53 mins

Step into the realm of gratitude with our latest Akasha Tea Chat episode, featuring the insightful Tina Nance. Hosted by Burkhard, Kirsten, and Devdas, this special edition takes you on a journey through the spirit of yoga, exploring the transformative power of gratitude.

🌺🧘‍♂️ In this episode, we delve deep into the wisdom of Tina Nance, a seasoned hero in the field of yoga. Together, we explore the attitude of gratitude from the perspective of feminine embodiment, integrating its essence into various aspects of our lives in a holistic manner.

🤔 Join us in pondering these questions:

  • How can we cultivate and nurture an attitude of gratitude in our daily lives?
  • What role does feminine embodiment play in integrating gratitude into different areas of our life?
  • How has Tina Nance guided beginners from their first yoga class to profound levels of peace?

🎙️🌿 Throughout more than a decade of teaching at the renowned Yoga Barn in Bali, Tina has honed the skill of guiding individuals, from beginners to seasoned practitioners, into profound aspects of peace and altered states of consciousness through yin yoga and restorative practices.

🌐🍵 No sales pitch here, just an invitation to join us in this enriching conversation as we share unscripted wisdom, secret tips, and tricks from our years of learning and growth. It's a deep dive into the practical aspects of daily life, exploring what works and what doesn't.

🙏✨ Tune in to Akasha Tea Chat for a heartfelt exploration of gratitude – a skill that, like a muscle, can be developed and nurtured with practice.

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