Microcredentials and Mentoring with Veronica Diaz

Leading Learning - The Learning Business Podcast

May 15 2018 • 38 mins

Veronica Diaz is the director of professional learning at EDUCAUSE, the association for information technology in higher education. In her role there, she contributes to the strategic management of the organization’s professional learning product portfolio, directs their online programs and supports face-to-face events and conferences. She also manages the microcredentialing program and virtual and place-based mentoring programs.

In this episode of the Leading Learning podcast, Celisa talks with Veronica about EDUCAUSE’s work with microcredentialing and mentoring including why and how they got started and valuable lessons learned along the way.

Full show notes available at https://www.leadinglearning.com/episode134.

Highlighted Resource – a 15-minute video of Veronica Diaz’s Content Pod™ (presented at our 2018 Learning • Technology • Design virtual conference) where she talks about EDUCAUSE’s mentoring efforts.

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