Straight to the Comments!

Daily Mail

Straight To the Comments is a podcast built around the national pastime of leaving erm, passionate, hilarious, outraged and occasionally let’s not hide from it frankly bizarre, comments left under MailOnline stories. Hosts Archie Manners & Josh Pieters invite a celebrity guest into the studio and read them some of the comments left about them - to see if they can recognise which story they're going on about.   Prepare for confusion, misplaced outrage, both Karen AND divorced dad energy all wrapped up in one HELL of a funny podcast!  To get in touch email, you can leave a comment on Spotify or even send us a voice note on WhatsApp - on 07796 657512 start your message with the word 'comments' Presenters: Archie Manners & Josh Pieters Producer: Iain Coyle Booker: Hannah Wetton Production Manager: Vittoria Cecchini Mailonline Community: Lucy Robson Executive Producer: Jamie East Music : Aloysius James & Peredur Ap Gwynedd A Daily Mail production. Seriously Popular read less