Ted - 2012 - Review

Two Drink Cinema

Jul 14 2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

Brett finally got the chance to do a Family Guy review. Yes, that's a Family Guy episode disguised as a feature-length movie, with a considerably better-looking cast and the face as well as the voice of Mila Kunis, but it counts OK? If you’d like to support the brothers’ efforts to create great content you can check out http://patreon.com/twodrinkcinema (Patreon). You get an exclusive bonus review a month. If you enjoy our work, please leave a rating and a review on whichever platform you’re ‘ingesting’ our content.  Find our socials @twodrinkcinema Two Drink Cinema is produced by http://oddsoxentertainment.com.au/ (Odd Sox Entertainment).