219 Respect Comes from Respect, Mangala Sutta, Part 12

Monks in the Morning from Colombo Dhamma Friends

Oct 17 2021 • 28 mins

When we are with each other we get to learn all sorts of things that help us be better people. The more we learn from our good Dhamma friends, the easier it is to remember to do the right things, even when it is difficult. This is important to remember when we do bad things… no matter what, the Buddha reminds us that we can give up doing bad things by following his teachings. And when we spend time with good people like this, we naturally start to give up these bad actions. One of those bad qualities we need to give up is being disrespectful towards other people. Especially being disrespectful to those people whom we should respect, like monastics, our parents, our teachers, and our older relatives. Even in the time of the Supreme Buddha not everyone respected these people. Now a days especially people seem to forget to be respectful. When we aren’t respectful, it’s not just something that affects us in this life, but it can also have bad consequences in the future as well. If y