206 The Story of Arahant Jambuka

Monks in the Morning from Colombo Dhamma Friends

Jul 2 2020 • 28 mins

The Supreme Buddha taught us it’s very very important that we associate with good people who like to practice the Dhamma. Because when we do, our good qualities increase. But sometimes, we don't take advantage of being around good people, do we? Today we’ll learn the story of someone like that, who had the chance to spend time learning from an arahant, but instead he cursed him and chased him away. Can you believe it? See how dangerous saṁsara is? Fortunately for this person, he eventually got to meet the Supreme Buddha. I don't want to give the story away, so you’ll just have to listen. Theragatha Read the Verses of Arahant Jambuka in the Theragāthā on SuttaFriends.org. Dhammapada 70. The foolish ascetic who eats food with the tip of a blade of grass, month after month, is not worth a sixtieth part of the lives of the liberated ones who have realized the Dhamma. Read the whole Dhammapada chapter on SuttaFriends.org. Contents 6:05 Dhammapada 70, the story of Araha