208 Dhamma Discussion: Novice Ordination Ceremony

Monks in the Morning from Colombo Dhamma Friends

Jul 7 2020 • 28 mins

We have a very special show today to talk about something very special that happened recently in one of our monasteries. There was a novice ordination ceremony. Do you know what that means? It’s a special event where someone becomes a novice monk. They take the ten precepts and start wearing robes and living as a monk. As a novice monk they then keep all the precepts you may keep on the uposatha when you observe the eight precepts, but they split one of the precepts into two, and they take one more precept to give up using money. we’re gong to speak with one of the monks who attended this ceremony and he’ll tell us all about becoming a monk. Contents 6:57 Dhamma discussion on a novice ordination ceremony We’d love to hear from you! Send us a voicemail. Or record a longer segment on your phone. You can write to us at info@serenecolombo.org or contact us through Facebook at facebook.com/ColomboDhammaFriends or Instagram at instagram.com/SereneColombo. You can also sent us a v