216 The Four Requirements for Life

Monks in the Morning from Colombo Dhamma Friends

Feb 20 2021 • 28 mins

So, have you ever had to move houses? If you did, were you able to pack all of your things in a box or two? Or did you have to rent a big truck? Or maybe you went on a long vacation somewhere once. Could you fit everything you needed in a shoulder bag? Or did you need lots and lots of luggage? Well, the Buddha had such compassion for his monks and nuns, that he taught them about what was necessary to have and what was not necessary. He called these things that we really need requisites. 'Requisites' is a fancy word for things that we require. Things that are important to make life livable. In fact, it is so important for monks to know about these things that during the ceremony when someone becomes a monk, the teacher has to explain what these four basic requirements for life are. So today we are going to learn what those four things are and why we can be comfortable in life as long as we have those four things. Contents 6:25 Sermon 15:24 Lokavabodha Sutta. Download a PDF or rea