A Thousand Details - ATD Podcast 120

ATD Podcast

Feb 3 2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

Hello! Here's one more episode of ATD Podcast with the stuff I've been digging! I'm at a slower pace with the podcast, but will keep them coming! Listen and download over Soundcloud and iTunes. Support these artists if you like their music! Playlist below: Amorphic - A62 [II] Rhythm Assembler - Loop #3 Distant Echoes - Modus Operandi Filip-Xavi - Anti Air Groof - Delincuente Elocuente (Groof Remix) Augusto Taito - Tornare Groof - Control Exhaustivo Del Medio (Bando Remix) Worg - Oracolo (Neel Remix) Inox Traxx - A Mystery Inspired Her Ricardo Garduno - Spiteful Behaviour Paleman - Bite Matrixxman - Dust World Hemka - Yiga's Groove Janeda - Eileen i Decided - Phone Sex Ricardo Garduno - Devil's Tail BRÄLLE - Life Imitating Death SCHRZØ - Broken Transistors (Trismus Remix) Matrixxman - Airlock BRÄLLE - Buying Time SHDW - Der Urknall Phara - In Dubio Philippe Petit - Form And Function