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SASSover50 - Sexy And Single Sisters Over 50! Dating over 50? We're sisters from different misters and we're reaching out to the rest of you who find themselves single over 50! Grab a cocktail and join your new girlfriends while we chat about our own dating over 50 experiences; finding and meeting potential partners; dating apps; relationships; prepping to get back out there; improving self-esteem; sex; red flags, and more! Yep, we can be a little racy/explicit, but this is REAL talk, NO scripts and NO agenda. We also feature some of our very own listeners (including some of the fellas) to share their POV! PLEASE CLICK THAT SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW BUTTON on Apple/Spotify/Google/IHeart or on whichever platform you listen, so that you're notified when a new episode is dropped! You can also contact us at SASSover50@gmail.com and visit www.SASSover50.com. Thanks for listening and SHARING our podcast! Major Credit & Gratitude to Artist, LODATO for his donation of our Intro/Outro music! The full song is HOME and you should totally add it to your playlist!
S2-Ep3:  How Do You Ask For Intimacy?S2-Ep2:  Who's Dating Who & After a Date When Do You Communicate?
This episode is  2-pronged so it's a bit longer than our usual.  You've gotten to know the fabulous new co-host, Dani, but now it's  time to check out if, and who, she's dating!  And then there's Kate; remember at the end of Season 1 Kate was furniture shopping with her on-again-off again, beau?  So...what's their status now; is he any closer to making a commitment, or do they have an agreement to see others, or what may surprise us about Kate!?  Elle skims the surface, but promises to share more next episode!Okay, we're all old enough to remember when "texting" didn't used to be a verb in the English language; when cell phones didn't exist; when push-button phones replaced rotary-dial phones (remember redialing a long-distance phone number when you got a "busy" signal)!?  Those were the good ol' days--for some of us, anyway!  In today's fast-paced digital world, dating conversations have dramatically changed, but how communicative should  you be after dating someone new?  Are there any hard and fast rules?  Is our age a factor in the frequency with which we talk/text when we begin dating someone new?  You'll get our perspectives and why we seem more confused than ever!  Did someone say  WAFFLES and SPAGHETTI?Finally, while we are actively working on Season 2, we thoughtfully request you to SHARE and FOLLOW our podcast on whichever platform you  listen.  DON'T FORGET the 5-star reviews!  Higher rankings and your engagement with us helps spread the word about our podcast -resulting in more feedback and more fun!  We thank ALL of our listeners for your kind support!  As we continue to build our new brand, know that  fun surprises are in store!  Please visit our website and if you really appreciate us, please "buy us a cocktail"
Jan 2 2022
46 mins
S2-E1:  Surprise! Welcome our New Cohost!Episode 26 - What about Michelle??Episode 25 - Farewell to 2020Episode 24 - Holidates/Covid/Dating Apps/UpdatesEpisode 23 - The Alternative Lifestyle (Featuring Jake, AKA "Fetish") WARNING: 18+Episode 22 - Virtually Textual & Sexual Listener, Marie! (Or Dating during COVID pandemic).wavEpisode 21 - Elle & Cici Talk Sex & Kink (Warning - X Rated)Episode 20 - Plot Twisting Part 2 of Mark, the DateSpecial Podcast Message before Episode 20Episode 19 - Mark, the Date! With Elle and KateEpisode 18 - Kate and Elle Date Pete and SteveEpisode 17 - Dating in Our 50's Listener Spotlight - Featuring SophieEpisode 16 - Making New Friends Over 50
The kids have grown and moved away, your marriage/relationship is over and now its just you.  It was easy meeting new people in college, bar-hopping in our twenties, connecting with fellow parents from our children's school, and meeting spouses of our significant other's friends, but now what?  Add #COVID19 and #Quarantine to the mix and we have quite the challenge!  There are obvious ways to meet and connect with new friends when you're 50 or older like the gym, a fitness class, wine tastings, community events, but what else?  What does it take?  You know confidence is always a key ingredient so if you don't have it, expect additional struggles in meeting new people!  Work on building your self-esteem before you share your 2nd chapter of life with new friends.  In this episode, Em joins Elle for a 1-0n-1 chat about the struggle of meeting new women friends and the accompanying depression that is a result of loneliness and quarantine.  In fact, Elle and Em met just 1 week before the episode!  Want to know how?  Listen to the podcast and please share any additional ideas that you may have- we'll get them out there to share with our listeners!  As always, we thank you for sharing, subscribing and following our podcast on your social media and the platform on which you listen.  The more listeners we have, the more feedback we can provide and as we review sponsors, their discount is predicated on the number of listeners and followers (especially on Instagram) so please make sure you follow us there.  To be a part of our monthly merchandise #giveaway, you must follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  Our website is https://www.sassover50.com Thank you for being a Sexy And Single Sister (or Mister)Elle, Cici, and Kate!
Aug 7 2020
47 mins
Bonus Episode to 15 - Elle catches up w Cici & Kate before the episodeEpisode 15 - Ghosting- Dissecting the Post-Date Vanishing ActEpisode 14 - Kate & Elle Catch-up on Dating and Cici's at the Medispa!Episode13 - Appearance Refreshers & Touch-ups - Our ExperiencesEpisode 12 - Morty Spills the Guy Tea!