Episode 23: Developing Community: Outreach and the Underserved

Let's Go to Space: BLUE-SKY Learning

Jul 26 2021 • 39 mins

Today we meet with Alpesh M. Patel who has spent the last three decades helping organizations drive their business development and revenue growth with strategies that blend technology, marketing, management and leadership. Over the past two decades in Palm Beach County, Alpesh has also served on numerous boards/committees and supported many nonprofits focusing on family literacy, entrepreneurship, leadership, and youth development.

Alpesh is now leveraging his experiences and intersecting his passions for serving clients, causes and community with creative problem solving to develop practical solutions for enriching lives. Pivoting his resources and his company, Alpesh initiated SeedingACCESS — a collaborative program that brings businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies together to invest repurposed computers with families in underserved communities.

We are excited to find ways to work with Alpesh to bring the AIA to students throughout our county and as always stay tuned after for our takeaways.

Alpesh M. Patel.com


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