Episode 25: Time for the Science Fair: Coordinator's Advice for Success

Let's Go to Space: BLUE-SKY Learning

Aug 9 2021 • 33 mins

Today we meet with Jennifer Davis, the director for the Palm Beach Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Ms. Davis was born into a science loving family in Dublin, Ireland, where her father was one of only four people to hold a PhD in organic chemistry. From a very early age, her father helped her to value education and hard work.  This inspiration for science was reinforced when she moved to the US in 1981, and met her high school freshman biology teacher with whom she took every science class she could. Ms. Davis eventually obtained a Bachelor's degree in Biology although she spent the first part of her career training and breeding horses for Olympic equestrian teams. She began tutoring some of the those students in math and science, which changed the trajectory of her career.

Building upon her strong work ethic, a passion for organization and planning, and a deep love for all things science, Ms. Davis transitioned to teaching in 2003, and spent 9 years in both middle and high school science classrooms  before joining the secondary science curriculum team in 2012.  With her colleagues, Ms. Davis  supports 35 middle schools and 27 high schools in delivering highly engaging and effective science instruction, including participation in the Science Fair. Ms. Davis loves the fair because of the creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance of every student who completes a project, and, in fact, Kevin credits her for a lot of his own student success with the fair. As always, stay tuned for our takeaways after the show, and if you have a student who is interested in the fair but needs some assistance, reach out to us at our email: schristenson@aerospace-policy.org

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