Subliminal Deception: A Conspiracy Theory Podcast

Cody and Phil

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Our Editor's Take

Subliminal Deception: A Conspiracy Theory Podcast explores conspiracy theories. The discussion is casual and comical rather than serious. Hosts Cody and Phil explore controversial topics to ask whether they are conspiracies. Some subjects of theories, like UFOs and cults, are well-known. Others are topics listeners may not have considered conspiracies before. Is AI a conspiracy theory? Is the resurrection of Jesus one? How about the sinking of the Titanic? This podcast covers substantial world events, both past and present. Through carefree discussion, the hosts question whether everything is as it seems.

Despite the intense topics, Cody and Phil have a casual way of talking about conspiracies. They speak about each subject in an objective manner. They do not take the viewpoint of the conspiracy theorists themselves on the podcast. The duo explores each topic and asks whether it involves deception. Their discussion is detailed yet also has lots of banter. Listeners get a comprehensive insight into conspiracy theories without intense or dramatic opinions.

Subliminal Deception expands the idea of conspiracy. Cody and Phil talk about many things like North Korea, homeowners' groups, and Native American skinwalkers. Every few months, they present a "conspiracies in review" episode. They also have a few "vacation banter" episodes. These special episodes are round-ups of recent conspiracies that have appeared in the news. Regular topics include scams, controversies, and mysterious events. There are over 200 episodes covering an extensive range of subjects. Listeners get an exciting and entertaining discussion of almost any conspiracy theory.

Each episode is around 90 minutes long. Subliminal Deception: A Conspiracy Theory Podcast releases new episodes weekly.

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