Episode 22: Happy Hellidays & Hellraiser

Midnight Mass

Dec 22 2021 • 1 hr 40 mins

We have such sights to show you! This week, Peaches and Michael are opening a different kind of box for the holidays in celebration of 1987's HELLRAISER and its sequels! In addition to discussing the film's contributions to a generation's sexual awakening, our hosts delve into the cultural impact of Clive Barker's unfettered imagination and why the future of horror was always queer. Joining the conversation are two of the films' Cenobite sensations and iconic stars, Doug Bradley and Simon Bamford, aka "Pinhead" and "Butterball," who share stories and insight about being part of a hellish delight that changed pop culture forever. What's more, Doug dishes on the strange trajectory of becoming the spiky face of the franchise...and Simon spills some unexpected, but devilish tea. This Hell-iday Special is not to be missed as Midnight Mass has Christmas with the Cenobites! From Uncle Frank to Julia's frank fabulousness, this episode has it all! Go!