Episode 21: Earth Girls Are Easy

Midnight Mass

Dec 15 2021 • 1 hr 41 mins

There's a giant blow dryer in our pool! This week, Peaches and Michael have come from beyond the stars and crashed in the Valley to celebrate 1988's EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY! In addition to discussing this cult classic 's quintessential 80s aesthetic, our hosts delve into its camptastic message of sexual empowerment. Joining the conversation is none other than the film's iconic creator and star, the legendary Julie Brown, who shares memories of making the movie and out of this world insight on her storied career. Then, film curator and super fan Sam Sharkland stops by to talk about a lifetime of love for this singular cinematic sensation, as well offers thoughts on why EARTH GIRLS may have contributed to number of personal awakenings. From Angelyne to bubbly blondes, this episode has it all! Go!