Episode 9: Little Shop Of Horrors

Midnight Mass

Sep 22 2021 • 1 hr 42 mins

Don’t feed the plants! This week, Peaches and Michael are taking an interest in bloodthirsty botany as they celebrate 1986’s LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS! In addition to discussing the film’s show-stopping musical numbers and monstrous alternate ending, our hosts delve into why this story of a killer plant is some of cult cinema’s finest social commentary. Joining the conversation is the legendary Bob the Drag Queen, who shares memories of a lifetime of LITTLE SHOP love, as well as thoughts on why the story is a perfect Shakespearean allegory. Then, fandom superstar Clarke Wolfe stops by to talk about the delicate balance of horror and comedy, and why there’s a little Oz in Audrey 2’s story. From Ellen Greene to muthas that are mean & green, this episode has it all! Go!