Episode 31: Barb Wire

Midnight Mass

Apr 13 2022 • 1 hr 44 mins

Don’t call her babe! This week, Peaches and Michael are flinging their high heels in celebration of 1996’s BARB WIRE! In addition to discussing the film’s prophetic drag stylings, our hosts delve into the singular cult sensation that is Pamela Anderson and why she deserves her own brand of Idol Worship. Joining the conversation is acclaimed filmmaker and writer BJ Colangelo, whose lifetime of love for this movie has led her to be an outspoken voice for its pop culture reclamation. Then, celebrated actor and filmmaker Ali Chappell shares how her fandom of this would-be classic continues to inform her life and creative output. From unpacking cultural misogyny to contraband contact lenses, this episode has it all! Go!