Episode 15: Matilda

Midnight Mass

Nov 3 2021 • 1 hr 42 mins

No more Miss Nice Girl! This week, Peaches and Michael are having a big piece of chocolate cake in celebration of 1996's MATILDA! In addition to discussing the film's inherent queerness, our hosts delve into the unquestionable cult impact of director Danny DeVito's unique vision. Joining the conversation is none other than Matilda herself, the legendary Mara Wilson, who shares stories and insight about making this singular sensation of a film and what it means to have grown up with its legacy. Then, internet icon and bestselling author Connor Franta stops by to share how MATILDA has been part of his own journey, and why YouTube culture is closer to Midnight Movies than we may think. From Miss Honey to the dangers of the Chokey, this episode has it all! Go!