Episode 11: Blood Diner

Midnight Mass

Oct 6 2021 • 1 hr 49 mins

First they greet you, then they eat you! This week, Peaches and Michael have cooked up a delicious dish in celebration of 1987's BLOOD DINER! In addition to discussing the film's brand of unhinged comedy, our hosts explore the trailblazing importance of the woman behind the camera who dared to deliver one of cult's goriest romps. Joining the conversation is the legendary director of BLOOD DINER herself, Jackie Kong, who shares stories of committing to a singular vision and making the movie her way. Then, Matt Desiderio, publisher of BLOOD VIDEO, stops by to talk about his truly fan-tastic journey with this cannibalistic caper. From brains in jars to Franken-goddesses, this episode has it all! Go!