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Tom Kranz uncovers the ways in which authors, artists and musicians find their creativity, especially those who find it later in life or hidden under layers of denial. Artists, writers and musicians aren't necessarily born that way. Or, maybe they are and just don't know it.

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Summer Reading Special
Jul 1 2024
Summer Reading Special
Three authors, three books, three ways to enjoy your summer reading!I invited three of my returning authors to tell us about their new books, all coming out during June, 2024. There’s something for everyone here, to wit:Fork Social Media! (And the algorithm it rode in on). Sudi “Rick” Karatas returns for his third visit to Type. Tune. Tint. with stories of social media users who ended up booted, suspended, tossed because the algorithms can’t take a joke. We agree that it’s necessary to guard against hate speech and posts/comments that advocate violence and crime. Bravo! Unfortunate, the policing is done by little pieces of AI programming, algorithms, that don’t know that misinterpret you and a friend “shooting the breeze” as advocating violence. Or the guy who needed to “bomb” his basement for fleas. Or the Dolly Parton impersonator, legit and approved by Dolly herself, who is frequently banned for impersonating someone. Maybe you have a story of being tossed into Facebook jail!I Like Black People...The Good Ones! Author Marklyn “Mr. Direct” Johnson prides himself of speaking plainly and honestly about everything from gender to race. As a 50-ish Black man, he’s lived a life of well-meaning and not-so-well-meaning people saying things he calls “microagressions,” little things that marginalize or insult people of color. “You’re one of the good ones,” is a classic, along with “You’re a credit to your race,” and “You speak so well” are just a few. He also has a modern and sobering take on Black history.Island Serenade. Charles Wiedenmann’s first foray into fiction is a light and airy romance novel that pairs a sweet hotel housekeeper with a high-powered rock star at a luxury resort on a tropical island. The story has no sharp edges, a perfect beach read designed to be pure escapist fare for summer. Charles unleashes his imagination to all of our benefit resulting in an easy story to fall in love with.I brought all three authors on board for this special summer episode.Whadya think of this episode>TK Books LLC Contemporary fiction and science fiction; ebooks, softcover, hardcover and audiobooks.Support the Show.
Inspired by a child’s friendship
Nov 9 2023
Inspired by a child’s friendship
Elementary school teacher Sabine Posy did her share of virtual teaching during COVID while her two young children learned virtually in the next room. Her daughter Nora was a social butterfly who got antsy sitting in front of a monitor. Her son Nate, younger and already a shy boy, worried her. When the lockdowns were lifted and it was time to go back to school, would Nate’s socialization be harder?She was pleasantly surprised when Nate made a friend in preschool, another boy named Harry. “Their friendship was very inspiring. He made friends with Harry. They helped each other.”That inspiration moved Sabine to write and illustrate her first children’s book, Nate and Harry Are Great Friends, a story emphasizing the simple concept of friendship.“The pureness on their friendship, the pureness of their love, it’s like no matter where they were in the building, after dismissal when they’re going home or during drop off, you know, they would greet each other with the biggest heartwarming hug.”Sabine, an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, still sees some kids catching up from social and academic deficits caused by the isolation of virtual learning. Listen to our conversation or watch our video.Nate and Harry Are Great Friends is available at:AmazonBarnes & NobleArchway Bookssabineposy.comVideo version of this episodeWhadya think of this episode>TK Books LLC Contemporary fiction and science fiction; ebooks, softcover, hardcover and audiobooks.Support the Show.