Pleasure and Savagery S1 E3 Dramatized


Apr 4 2024 • 30 mins

Welcome to the hot summer season of Pleasure and Savagery. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the hedonistic imaginings of author, Tracee A. Hanna

REMIX! Now dramatized for your listening pleasure.

How would you feel, if your lover broke up with you, right in the middle of sexing you? What, would you think? More importantly, what’s your next move? Do you cum, for someone new, or, do you cry? Tara was too shocked, to enjoy a little new-new, and too numb, to shed a single tear. Therefore, she purchased a new diary. The idea was, to work through the treachery, and heartbreak, keep the lesson, dump the baggage, and, move on. Little, did she know, how gloriously decadent, her life would soon become, as it all started out innocently enough.

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