Dr. Betty R. Price of Crenshaw Christian Center Interviews enVision Together host, Dr. Mshana about her novel, girls in search of cover.

enVision Together

Mar 27 2023 • 40 mins

Dr. Betty R. Price is the wife of the late Fredrick K.C. Price. Their marriage spanned 68 years. Together they served God and positively impacted the lives of others through their ministry gifts on both the national and international stage. They have strengthened Christians and led many to salvation by teaching and modeling the Faith walk for several decades. Dr. Betty is one of the most influential spiritual leaders of our time. In this episode, she offers her support to the enVision Together: Going to Our Next Level of Best podcast host, Dr. Pamela Mshana by spreading the word about Dr. Mshana’s novel, girls in search of cover. Dr. Betty R. Price will interview Pamela asking about her work as a writer and her faith. This chat is an encouragement to our host to keep the faith as Dr. Betty inspires her to accomplish her God-given dreams and to use her talents, gifts and brain power to get it done. While Dr. Betty directly encourages Dr. Mshana, her words give life to any believer on a journey to perform God’s will for his or her lives. Together, these two Dr.’s have fun while sharing wisdom, love and appreciation for what they envision to be God’s hand helping them to help others.

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