No Pain, No Progress, No Victory!

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May 8 2023 • 1 hr

LaQuita is the Founder and CEO of Pa-Pro-Vi Publishing Company and A Failure 2 Communicate LLC as well as a Relationship Communication Coach, Writing Coach and Mentor with a passion for people and their well-being. She is also the host of her own podcast show, “My Heart on Pages” and the host of “The Power of YOUR Story” radio show. LaQuita is also the Founder and Facilitator of EXHALE-a social communication group for women who meet to discuss different issues, ranging from personal to political.

LaQuita created the Pa-Pro-Vi Publishing platform to help people start the healing process because she believes that there is power in YOUR story and that writing and sharing your story can be therapeutic. Walking Limitations by Other People’s Definition is LaQuita’s first published book and the true story of how she went into the hospital to have a simple procedure and it left her disabled for life at the hands of a nurse. This created a medical tsunami that has affected her life for the last forty-eight years. Writing her story started the healing process for her and now she helps others do the same through their story. Since starting Pa-Pro-Vi Publishing in 2020, LaQuita has been able to help clients all over the country take their stories from a “thought to a realization.” Using her So, What’s Your Story segments, she coaches people through the process of how to start writing their stories.

LaQuita has a degree in Business and has been planning and facilitating successful mentoring and communication coaching sessions for nearly twenty years throughout the State of Georgia. LaQuita is an out of the box thinker who believes that effective communication has the power to build bridges, while ineffective communication can tear them down. She believes how we feel about ourselves has a direct connection to how we communicate. Through her A Failure 2 Communicate Mentoring Programs, she mentors young people on the importance of loving themselves from the inside out. Her programs include Beauty re-Defined, Manhood re-Defined, A Year of Discovering Me, and C.A.T.C.H. a Job Readiness Training Program.

What makes LaQuita successful is the fact that she is not only a listener, but she is compassionate and has a genuine love and passion for people.

LaQuita is a Christian and a single mother of three adult children ages 27, 30 and 32. LaQuita has 4 little heartbeats that call her Nanna, who all stole her heart from first site. Not only is LaQuita a self-published author of several books including her semi autobiography titled Walking Limitations by Other People’s Definition, and a first-time author of a new children’s book called “My Neighbors Don’t Look Like Me,” she has also been featured in various magazines, including I Am International Magazine, and has been featured on the Zondra TV Network and numerous podcast platforms. “Where there is no Pain, there is no Progress, and where there is no Progress, there can be no Victory!”

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