The Sandwich Generation: Caring for Elderly Parents with Compassion, Grace and Self-Care

enVision Together

Mar 13 2023 • 42 mins

Today’s guest Janice Goldmintz believes that success happens when we make sense of the complex. This is especially true to dealing with the challenges of aging parents while maintaining a positive outlook and outcome for the adult child(ren). She brings to our envision Together conversations a wonderful blend of personal and professional insights in her field.

Mrs. Goldmintz came to her expertise through both academic and personal experiences. Her Master's degree in Gerontology has given her wide insight into what can be done to assist our seniors in creating the highest quality of life possible, no matter what the challenges may be. As a child of older adult parents, she has sat across the table at a senior residence, creating the plan to further their quality of life.

Janice has helped both of her parents, one who had Alzheimer's Disease and one who had to go through the maze of planning for the future. At times it felt like she was on quicksand, with the shifting , challenges, dealing with numerous agencies and personnel, and with her own feelings and thoughts of watching her parent become a very different person from who she knew.

Bringing together all segments of her expertise, it is her vision to assist children of aging parents in navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of creating the best possible life for their parents and for themselves.

Goldmintz’s desire to see older adults live their fullest lives has motivated her to act as a source of information and support to seniors and their families. She has created numerous presentations on successful aging, which has been delivered live and remotely so that people have important knowledge and background to make decisions about their future. Because she has the ability to facilitate family conversations, understanding the need for confidentiality and discretion, helps families make better future plans, knowing that they can trust that she will explore all options with them, without judgement. It’s our pleasure to offer Janice’s expertise in this field to our audience.

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