Literally Turning Pain Into Laughter: Infertility

enVision Together

Nov 28 2022 • 40 mins

Meirav Zur (name pronounced "may-RAHV") is a performing arts professional, with over 16-years-experience as a performer, producer, writer, director, and theatre educator. Her most recent show, "Inconceivable", is about people experiencing infertility (1 in every 8 couples in the US). The people who are "in" infertility can't really explain it, and those who are "outside" infertility can't really understand it. "Inconceivable" is there to help bridge that gap, with some laughs along the way. Meirav’s goal is to have this show seen by as many people as possible so that nobody will feel alone, more people will feel compassion and understanding of one another, and more people will laugh.

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